选择一个学校: A Guide

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the Duval County Council PTA worked together to produce this guide for parents, guardians and caregivers who are looking for the right school for their child in Duval County. This guide can help you make a decision about traditional public schools, public charter schools and private schools, 包括磁铁学校. It includes a checklist of questions to ask when you visit a school, and it's helpful for children of any grade. Download the guide with the link below, or scroll down for the online version.


Guide to choosing a school

1. 研究你的选择.

  • 去 to download the DCPS School Choice Reference Guide and get other important information.
  • Visit informational websites like to find out what public school your child is zoned for and find information and academic reports on all public schools (including charters). Every public school has a website accessible at
  • Ask for information about the application process and deadlines for magnet or 作出 public schools, and private or charter schools if they are of interest.
  • Talk to your child about their interests and goals, especially rising sixth and ninth graders.
  • Ask other parents, teachers or volunteers about their experiences at different schools.

2. Interact with schools you are interested in.

  • 参观学校. 打电话要求参观. Don’t hesitate to ask for the information you need.
  • 如果你不能来访, call the school and ask to speak to the principal or other contact to get your questions answered.
  • You can also email the principal — their email addresses are on
  • If you aren’t sure where to start or have questions the school cannot answer, call the DCPS School Choice Office at (904) 390-2082. 

3. Make a decision and plan for next year.

  • Ensure the school you choose fits your family’s schedule, especially taking transportation into consideration.
  • Complete all applications before deadline. The magnet application deadline and special transfer option application (used for other types of choice programs) deadline is February 28, 2019. The application process is entirely online this year at 
  • Check bell times and bus schedules. Arrange for transportation if your child’s school doesn’t provide it. 问题? Call the school or DCPS Transportation (904) 858-6200. 
  • Not happy with your current option? 它不是一成不变的. Don’t be afraid to ask the school or the district for what is best for your child. The special transfer option that can help your child attend another school (see for more information).


What to ask: A checklist to ask yourself, your child and prospective schools

when you research your options ...

  • What school is my child zoned for based on my address? 
  • What options is my child interested in? What subjects does my child like and dislike?
  • 我住在1以内吗.5 miles of my home school? If so, how will my child get there without bus transportation? 
  • If you have the opportunity to talk to someone you know with personal experience about a school, 超越基础. Ask questions that are relevant to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • If my child is interested in a magnet option, what are the school start and stop times? Is transportation offered? If not, how will my child get to school?
  • Does my child have special needs? If so, how will the prospective school meet those needs? 
  • 对磁铁, 作出, charter and private schools, what are the application requirements and deadlines? 我的孩子能见到他们吗?

当你去参观的时候 ...

  • Take this checklist with you when you go on the visit or interview the principal
  • Are the front office staff friendly and helpful?
  • Try to sit in a classroom during a lesson. How are the teachers interacting with students? Are the students engaged?
  • Is the administration visible? Are they willing to answer questions?
  • What are the extracurricular activities and enrichment programs offered? 价格是多少??
  • If the school has a theme, how is that evident?
  • What communication tools does the school use? 网站怎么样?? 有时事通讯吗?
  • How does the school help children navigate key transitions such as VPK to kindergarten, fifth to sixth grade and eighth to ninth grade?
  • After the visit, don’t be afraid to ask follow up questions.




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of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2018-2019.